Embracing Wellness in Corporate Events

Even the most thought-provoking and engaging agenda calls for some downtime to recharge. Now that more organizations have seen the value of corporate wellness programs, meeting planners are following suit.

At Etherio, we’ve pioneered innovative ways to incorporate wellness into corporate events, recognizing its significance in enhancing participant engagement and overall experience. From a session delivered on a San Antonio riverboat to yoga with live music – or goats – we continuously explore unique and stimulating experiences that redefine traditional corporate events.

This ethos is embedded in our operations, ensuring that every event we curate is an experience and a step towards greater well-being.

The Evolution of Wellness in Corporate Events

Wellness in corporate events has evolved from a nice-to-have feature to a central aspect of event planning. A recent study by the Global Wellness Institute highlights that the wellness industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, indicating a global shift towards health-oriented lifestyles.

This shift is a guiding light for our team as we create events that align with these evolving preferences.

Mindful Meeting Spaces

In 2024, the concept of meeting space transcends physical boundaries. Etherio focuses on creating environments that foster mindfulness and concentration – and that doesn’t always occur in a breakout room. Keep your attendees active and energized with movement through yoga, dancing, chair fitness, or walking/outdoor sessions.

Nutrition-Forward Catering

Gone are the days of standard event fare. Today, attendees want a food and beverage approach focusing on nutrition-rich menus, incorporating superfoods, plant-based options, and hydration stations, all customized to meet dietary needs and preferences.

Active Breaks and Movement Sessions

Recognizing the importance of physical activity, Etherio incorporates guided stretch breaks, yoga sessions, or short group walks into the event schedule. Additionally, emerging evidence suggests that excessive sitting can be as harmful as smoking. These activities not only energize corporate event participants but also enhance their focus.

Gimme a Break

Packing too much into your event can make attendees feel rushed and anxious, impeding their ability to forge connections with peers and retain information. After all, if there’s nothing to build a rapport on, it will only do a little for the people involved. Creating time in your event design for attendees also allows them to build relationships – ensuring they feel like a part of a team effort. Breaks also offer attendees a moment to check in with the office or loved ones back at home – offsetting any anxiety about being away at the event.

Sustainable Practices

Wellness extends to environmental health. Etherio is committed to sustainability, ensuring that corporate meetings and events are eco-friendly, from reducing waste to using eco-friendly materials, reflecting a dedication to the planet’s health.

Personalized Wellness Experiences

Remember that wellness is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer curated wellness experiences. This could mean custom fitness sessions, wellness swag bags, and fitness-focused team-building activities.

Understanding the Impact of Wellness-Charged Corporate Events

Incorporating wellness into events has profound impacts. According to a survey by Skift, events focusing on participant well-being see a 40% increase in attendee satisfaction.

Wellness might not be the most quantifiable, so consider polling your community and stakeholders to gauge their feelings about wellness before the event. Even a brief one-question survey via the event app or through email will provide a baseline to understand where your attendees are in their wellness journey.

Why Wellness Works

Engaging in activities like these can help individuals prioritize their well-being and improve their ability to connect with others. Participating in these activities can result in a refreshed mindset, allowing attendees to approach their meetings with renewed energy and focus.

Our focus on wellness is more than a trend—it’s a commitment to enhancing the lives of our clients and the people they impact.

Ready to leap into wellness at your next corporate event?

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