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From sourcing to site visits to execution of events, Omni Orlando absolutely loves working with Etherio! Our partnership continues to strengthen and we are so fortunate to have amazing connections with so many of you!
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OMNI Orlando

Contracting with Etherio for our association management IS THE BEST THING that ever happened. Anything else we may have accomplished as an association or board pales by comparison. Amazing, incredible, and outstanding are just the beginning of how to describe the team and their impact on our association!

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International Association of Insurance Professionals

I have had the privilege of working with the Etherio team for the past four years, and it has by far been the best vendor experience I have ever had. Their ability to source and negotiate hotel contracts has not only created efficiencies in my every day work, but they have provided incredible cost savings and increased legal protection.

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Etherio has become not just our management company, but our partner in all of the daily functions of TUG. Without Etherio, we would not be as successful as we are today. As TUG has grown, so has our relationship with Etherio as our partner. They also manages our conferences, which have become more successful as a result Etherio's guidance and assistance provided over the years.

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TUG President

Etherio was able to use their influence to change our initial hotel contract to one that worked with our organizations needs. We were able to get our minimums reduced and parking fees and room rates lowered. This eliminated a great deal of stress for us as organizers, and it also allowed us to offer hybrid options for our members and not worry about keeping those minimums. Having Etherio there to help you navigate the world of hotel language makes [contract negotiation] much easier. We had a successful conference, thanks in large part to Etherio.

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West Chester University

For eight years, I worked very closely with the dedicated staff of Etherio. Every staff member I worked with was reliable, responsive and always spoke with a smile in their voice. Together, we worked through some difficult situations, real world struggles and yet, this excellent group of folks always made me, the Executive Board and the Association proud! I do not know where we would be or how we would have managed it all without them. I, personally, cannot thank them all enough for all their dedicated hard work, flexibility and encouragement. Thank you Etherio!

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Your team of super heroes have done it again! The conference went off without a hitch and your team was on top of EVERYTHING. I love working with you all and hope I never have to coordinate an event without Etherio.

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The expertise, hard work, and true value that Etherio brings to our organization is unmatched. ​Mountain after mountain, you help us to make the climb. We reached the top of the hill and I know without a doubt that when we are in the valley again, you will be there to ensure we hit the peak. ​Thank you, thank you, thank you! ​

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Care Patrol

Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing event with CKO. This event was an enormous effort that just moved seamlessly together with transportation, flights, hotel stays, food and events. It was a magical experience ... You should be very proud of all the work as this was the best event I have ever been to and we have you to thank for that.

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Together, We Thrive

With Etherio behind you, you’ll tap into a partnership that magnifies your meeting planning prowess and association management strategies. Experience streamlined operations, elevated engagement, and improved ROI as we collaborate to make every meeting and initiative a smashing success.