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Irresistible Sponsorship Package Ideas to Stand Out from the Pack

Attracting potential sponsors in the fast-paced association events and conference world can be challenging.  More than just offering ordinary sponsorship opportunities is required; you must create a unique and appealing package that aligns with your sponsors’ goals and values. As an association leader, if you want to grab the attention […]

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Interactive Incentive Experiences: The Joy of Walking Tours

Have you ever thought about swapping those stuffy conference room meetings for a breath of fresh air? Well, you’re not alone.   The world of incentive experiences is getting a fun, interactive makeover, and walking tours are leading the charge. Imagine swapping fluorescent lights for sunlight and office chairs for […]

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Etherio Welcomes Ross Starr as New Vice President of Business Development

Etherio is thrilled to announce Ross Starr, MS, CEM, as the new Etherio Vice President of Business Development, marking a pivotal advancement in our journey to foster strategic partnerships and drive growth in the event management sector. With a rich background that spans nearly two decades, Ross Starr brings to […]

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Crisis Management Planning for Associations

Imagine hyping up your conference attendees for some networking outdoors. You’ve sent alerts via the mobile app, promoted the opportunity in countless emails leading up to the event, and can’t wait for everyone to reconnect. But a storm rolling in threatens the good times, and changing the plan at the […]

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Micro-Events: Boosting Impact in Event Management

Micro-events are the little powerhouses shaking up the event management world, serving a cozy, more focused vibe that gets folks talking.   They’re not just the month’s flavor but a smart pick for any organization aiming to tighten those community bonds, pack a punch of value, and sidestep the fuss […]

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20 Innovative Ways to Use AI in Event Management

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) can significantly enhance the event management industry by improving both the planning process and the attendee experience. AI can revolutionize every aspect of event management, from the planning and marketing stages to the execution and post-event phases. Integrating AI into your events can transform how they […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Planning Memorable Pharmaceutical Events

Pharmaceutical events can become complicated due to the strict regulations that healthcare professionals (HCPs) must adhere to. Understanding how to handle compliance best is essential to ensure the meeting planning process goes smoothly. When it comes to organizing pharmaceutical events, it is crucial to understand the role and compliance requirements […]

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Enhancing Event Engagement: How to Show Love to Your Event Attendees

Event engagement goes beyond scoring record-breaking attendee numbers; it’s about keeping them entertained, engaged, and comfortable throughout the event. Engaged guests are more likely to remember the event and the company that organized it. They’ll also be more likely to talk about your organization long after the event wraps.   According […]

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Event Marketing Mastery: Super Bowl Ad Trends Through the Years

The Super Bowl marks the peak of the NFL season and is also a significant event in marketing where advertisers showcase their best work. This annual event is renowned for its innovative and unforgettable commercials, providing a prime example of event marketing strategies.  In this article, we’ll explore some fascinating […]

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