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How Gamification in Events Elevates Engagement

In the world of event planning, gamification has emerged as a potent tool to enhance attendee engagement and satisfaction. This article explores the psychology behind gamification, supports its effectiveness with statistics, and showcases practical and successful examples. It offers insights from Etherio event managers and outlines five innovative gamification strategies […]

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Smart Budgeting Tips for Successful Corporate Events in 2024

Corporate event planning is like a high-stakes game of chess; strategic resource allocation is your key to winning moves. Whether you’re a seasoned corporate event planner or a newcomer, the ability to strategically distribute resources can be the difference between a hit and a miss. Every aspect, from event sourcing […]

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Event Seating Strategy: 8 Essential Styles for Your Next Gathering

As Mick Jagger might say, ‘You can’t always get what you want,’ but with the right event seating strategy, you just might find you get what you need. From facilitating engagement to ensuring every participant has a good view, the event seating strategy you choose can significantly influence the success […]

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Good Governance Policies for Associations

In the dynamic landscape of association management, the effectiveness of our organizations often hinges on the strength of our governance.   Defining “good governance” can be a challenging task. However, once understood and implemented, it empowers you to steer your association through any challenges that may arise in the future. While […]

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Event Planning Trends: Innovations Shaping the Future

2024’s event planning landscape is rapidly evolving, marked by significant event planning trends in various key areas. Among these, notable shifts include:  The emergence of key cities gaining prominence for event organizers  Innovative changes in food and beverage offerings  The use of data analytics to provide customized attendee journeys  The […]

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Navigating the Non-Profit Staffing Shortage: Challenges and Solutions

The non-profit sector is grappling with a severe staffing shortage and an escalated crisis. Last year, this crisis reached a tipping point, with non-profits struggling to meet their workforce needs. This scarcity is not just a statistic; it’s a reality impacting the lives of individuals and communities that non-profit associations […]

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Irresistible Sponsorship Package Ideas to Stand Out from the Pack

Attracting potential sponsors in the fast-paced association events and conference world can be challenging.  More than just offering ordinary sponsorship opportunities is required; you must create a unique and appealing package that aligns with your sponsors’ goals and values. As an association leader, if you want to grab the attention […]

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Interactive Incentive Experiences: The Joy of Walking Tours

Have you ever thought about swapping those stuffy conference room meetings for a breath of fresh air? Well, you’re not alone.   The world of incentive experiences is getting a fun, interactive makeover, and walking tours are leading the charge. Imagine swapping fluorescent lights for sunlight and office chairs for […]

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Crisis Management Planning for Associations

Imagine hyping up your conference attendees for some networking outdoors. You’ve sent alerts via the mobile app, promoted the opportunity in countless emails leading up to the event, and can’t wait for everyone to reconnect. But a storm rolling in threatens the good times, and changing the plan at the […]

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