For a Sparkling Event, Just Add Water

There’s a new luxury tasting experience in town, and we aren’t talking about wine. The term “sommelier” typically stirs up thoughts of a pinot versus a Sangiovese, however, a “water sommelier” enlightens guests on the complexities of one of the most ubiquitous beverages around – or is it?

Not many people are aware that waters worldwide offer nuanced flavors; in fact, it’s been said that there are 20 varietals. Much like terroir in wine, water carries unique tastes due to its ability to soak up the properties of its surroundings. For example, consider the mineral water that flows from a snow-capped mountain compared to the captured rain of Peru. The distinctions in water don’t stop there – the vintage also affects flavor, as it dictates the length of time that the water has to absorb the qualities where it flows.

A water sommelier helps guests understand that water is more than just water.

The lineup of a water tasting closely resembles that of a wine tasting. The liquid in each glass is examined, sniffed, swirled, and tasted for its particularities. As the most vital liquid on the planet, water is big business. Water experts, be they sommeliers or scientists, are exceptionally niche but on the rise, with water sommeliers popping up in fine establishments globally.

And Etherio has two of only a handful of certified water experts on staff.

Incorporating a water tasting in your next event adds some unexpected whimsy into the schedule for your attendees – after all, where else would they have this opportunity?

Our events experts can show you new and exciting ways to curate a water tasting, whether you’re looking for a morning or brunch session and need participants to remain clear-headed, or as an alternative to alcohol. Etherio is prepared to deliver unique and engaging experiences no matter the situation.

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