Navigating the Compressed Venue Market: Strategies for Success in Event Planning

Today’s event planning landscape is marked by an increasingly constrained supply of event venues, driven by the escalating demand for hotel spaces. This pressure on venue availability – a reflection of market tightness – is reshaping the dynamics of the industry, necessitating proactive, strategic approaches for successful event planning. 

According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA, 2023), demand for hotel spaces now outpaces pre-pandemic levels by…

…11%. This surge has led to a “tight market” scenario, characterized by limited venue options, elevated prices, and intense competition. Understanding these evolving dynamics is key for event organizers looking to succeed. 

Unraveling the Tight Market Phenomenon

When demand intensifies amidst a limited supply, we encounter what’s known as a tight market. In the realm of event planning, this equates to fewer venue choices, increased costs, and stiffer competition. Navigating such a landscape necessitates foresight, flexibility, and market savvy. 

Opportunities Amidst Constraints

Challenges often come hand-in-hand with opportunities. A tight market, while tricky, can be navigated successfully with innovative strategies. 

Embracing Emerging Markets: Traditional event locations are experiencing intense demand, making them harder to book. Venturing into less-explored markets or considering second and third-tier cities can open avenues to quality venues at competitive prices.

Strategic Timing: Organizing events during off-peak times can lead to substantial savings. Hotels are more likely to negotiate favorable contracts during their lean periods.

Flexibility as a Strength: The ability to adapt in a tight market can provide a significant advantage. Being open to a range of dates, varying setup requirements, or shorter event durations can unveil previously overlooked opportunities.

Cultivating Relationships: Building robust relationships with hotel representatives can offer insights into upcoming availability or special deals. These relationships can yield long-term benefits, even in a tight market.

At Etherio, we are committed to guiding event organizers through the complexities of the current event venue landscape. Our experts have a wealth of experience in strategic planning and negotiation, ensuring your events shine, regardless of market constraints. 


Global Business Travel Association, “2023 Hotel Demand Forecast”, 2023.

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