Top 5 Strategies to Overcome Venue Staffing Shortages: A Guide for Event Planners

As we navigate the post-pandemic world, one of the significant challenges across industries, particularly in the hospitality sector, is staffing shortages. With more than 80% of U.S. hotels* experiencing this issue, event planners are seeking effective strategies to ensure these setbacks don’t compromise the quality of their events.  

Here are our top five strategies for overcoming venue staffing shortages and creating an unforgettable event experience: 

Prioritize Clear Communication: Inform attendees upfront about potential staffing constraints. This transparency can foster understanding and patience, turning potential negatives into a shared journey of resilience.

Leverage Technology: Consider using a registration and session app, digital menus, and self-service options to streamline operations and reduce the burden on venue staff. 

Build Stronger Relationships: Strengthen relationships with your venue partners. Solid partnerships can aid in overcoming operational hiccups and ensure both parties are working toward the same goal – a successful event.

Embrace Minimalism: Simplify your event setup. A minimalist design can be both chic and functional, reducing the staffing needs for setup and teardown.

Utilize Agency Staff: Teaming up with an experienced event management agency like Etherio can be a game-changer in this era of staffing shortages. With a diverse portfolio of events and an in-depth understanding of the hospitality industry, we can step in to ensure your event runs smoothly. 

At Etherio, we’re committed to guiding you through these industry-wide staffing challenges. We prioritize proactive solutions, continuous property evaluations, and innovative strategies to ensure your event stands out, even amidst staffing constraints.  


U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment in Hospitality Industry”, 2023.

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