Case Study


Scaling Success: Fostering Growth for Women in ETFs

Client: Women in ETFs (WE)


Increase Instagram reach


New LinkedIn followers

Women in ETFs (WE) is a member organization bringing together people in the ETF industry to champion their goals of actively choosing equality, diversity, and inclusion. WE has over 9,000 members across the globe.

Objective: Women in ETFs began their partnership with Etherio as an accounting-only client. Bogged down in numbers and administrative tasks, the team of WE volunteers needed a partner to help them manage the organization’s finances. As they continued to experience growth, they realized their need for marketing support. Satisfied with their accounting experience, they enlisted Etherio for social media, email marketing, and community management services.

Solution: In partnership with Etherio’s marketing team, Women in ETFs embarked on an impressive journey of growth and engagement. Our team created a bimonthly newsletter with open rates exceeding industry standards, keeping members informed and connected. Women in ETF’s LinkedIn presence flourished, resulting in a significant increase in followers and page views. What was already a strong community on LinkedIn expanded and blossomed, paving the way for greater connection within the WE community. WE also began leveraging social media to gather leads and grow membership. As a result of expanding their services, Etherio was able to help extend WE’s influence and engagement across various platforms, resulting in organizational growth and increased member satisfaction.

As WE’s needs increased because of organizational growth, Etherio evolved from an accounting and marketing provider to a full-service association management partner. As WE’s needs grew, Etherio’s team scaled with them, ensuring they always had the support they needed, leveraging the expertise of our association management team.

Gained 1000+ new LinkedIn followers
Increased Instagram reach by 385%
Enhanced reach via lead generators on social media
Increased value for sponsors
Board moved from administrative to strategic focus

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