Ragan Cohn

Senior Vice President, Operations, Strategy, and Shared Services

As senior vice president, Ragan’s job is to keep our teams aligned and equipped to fulfill our client-focused purpose and successfully pursue our vision to be best-in-class. That means cultivating culture, leading conversations and initiatives to identify and advance strategic priorities and partnering with other Etherio leaders to keep us always growing and improving. Ragan also has the privilege of leading our marketing, technology, and HR teams.

Before joining Etherio, Ragan gained over 20 years of non-profit and association leadership experience, including leading strategic initiatives and operations for a $25M certification organization. After successfully leading our largest association client through a change- and challenge-laden few years, Ragan took on her current leadership role with Etherio. Ragan is a proud graduate of the University of Georgia. She is a current member and past board chair of the Georgia Society of Association Executives (GSAE).

Ragan’s favorite season is college football season! (She is a Georgia fan with a soft spot for Clemson and LSU). She is a busy, proud, and happy mom of five who aspires to have time for new hobbies… one day. For now, she enjoys reading while sipping a hot latte!

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