Suzanne Taylor

Event Manager

As an event manager, Suzanne manages small and medium meetings and supports large conferences. Additionally, she provides onsite vendor management, collaborates with marketing to create engaging themes and designs, and manages post-event feedback to improve future meetings and events.

Prior to joining Etherio, Suzanne worked in a variety of roles at an EdTech company as an Events Manager. She planned and executed events, including a user conference, a leadership camp for students and educators, an upscale two-day prospecting event with educational thought leaders, and private dinners and parties. Additionally, she supported the sales team in large urban districts and at trade shows and conferences. Suzanne holds her A.S. in Business Administration and certifications in marketing and digital marketing. She’s also an active volunteer with Magic Wand Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to empower youth to follow their passions and build resilience.

One of the most fun experiences Suzanne has had was being chosen by MasterCard to appear in a TV commercial and print ad. She also represented MasterCard on the television show The View, where she and Whoopi Goldberg gave a viewer a vacation to the United Kingdom!

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