Event Planning Trends: Innovations Shaping the Future

2024’s event planning landscape is rapidly evolving, marked by significant event planning trends in various key areas. Among these, notable shifts include: 

  • The emergence of key cities gaining prominence for event organizers 
  • Innovative changes in food and beverage offerings 
  • The use of data analytics to provide customized attendee journeys 
  • The growing trend of blending family and work travel 
  • An increased focus on incorporating philanthropic giving into events

These developments are shaping the future of event planning, offering new opportunities for creating unique and memorable experiences. 

Cities to Watch for Events in 2024

As we explore 2024 event planning trends, selecting the right city is crucial for setting the tone and ensuring the success of an event. Each city brings its own unique flair and specific advantages to the table, making it essential to choose a location that aligns with the event’s goals and the expected attendee experience.  

Here’s a closer look at how Nashville, Miami, Milwaukee, and Austin are uniquely positioning themselves as top choices for event planners and organizers: 


  • Music and Culture: Known as Music City, Nashville offers a lively backdrop for events with its legendary music scene, delivering an array of venues with a culturally rich experience. 
  • Convention-Friendly: The city boasts a state-of-the-art convention center and a host of other venues that blend Southern charm with cutting-edge facilities. 


  • Scenic Venues: With its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, Miami is a glamorous setting for events that aim to impress and entertain. 
  • Cultural Diversity: The melting pot of cultures in Miami allows for a diverse culinary and artistic event experience, celebrating a range of traditions and communities. 


  • Lakeside Locale: Milwaukee’s picturesque location on the shores of Lake Michigan provides beautiful scenery and a variety of waterfront event spaces. 
  • Brewery Tours: Known for its rich brewing history, the city offers unique opportunities for brewery tours and beer-tasting events, perfect for casual networking and a laid-back vibe. 


  • Innovative Spaces: As a booming tech hub, Austin offers modern and unconventional venues that encourage creative thinking and tech-driven experiences. 
  • Live Music and Festivals: A love for live music isn’t going anywhere. Event organizers should leverage the city’s reputation for live music and festivals to create memorable events with a distinctly Austin flavor. 

Food and Beverage Planning Trends in 2024

Over recent years, the culinary experience at an event has received increasing attention. Incorporating healthier food options, promoting local flavors, creating interactive experiences for attendees, and offering a diverse range of menu options are all ways that event planners make F&B a crucial aspect of the overall event success. 

Let’s explore how innovative food and beverage trends transform the event landscape, turning dining into a highlight of the attendee experience rather than another necessity. 

Plant-Forward Menus

2024 event planning trends are seeing a surge in plant-forward menus focusing on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes while minimizing animal products. This shift is not only healthier but also more sustainable.

Idea: Incorporate a vegetarian tasting menu that features locally sourced produce or a plant-based cooking demonstration that engages attendees. A meat-free menu caters to the growing demand for vegetarian options and promotes inclusivity and diversity in event culinary offerings. 

Local and Seasonal Offerings

Emphasizing local and seasonal food is critical in current event planning trends, supporting local farmers and producers, and reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transportation.

Idea: Partner with local farms or culinary artisans to offer meals that showcase the region’s seasonal specialties, enhancing the culinary experience and boosting local economies. 

Interactive Dining Experiences

Interactive dining experiences are becoming more popular, as noted in 2024 event planning trends**, providing fun and engagement right at the dining table. 

Idea: Set up live cooking stations where chefs prepare dishes on demand or conduct mixology classes that allow participants to create mocktails or cocktails under the guidance of a professional mixologist. 

Dietary-Inclusive Offerings

Ensuring that menus cater to all dietary requirements is a standard practice highlighted in 2024 event planning trends. This inclusivity is crucial for accommodating guests with allergies, dietary restrictions, or preferences. 

Idea: Offer a menu that clearly labels dishes as gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, and so on. This provides attendees with a range of choices and accommodates different dietary needs. Having chefs available to address specific nutritional concerns can also enhance guest satisfaction. 

By embracing these food and beverage trends, event planners can provide more thoughtful, inclusive, and environmentally conscious dining experiences that align with attendees’ latest demands and expectations. 

Personalization Using Data Analytics 

Tailored attendee journeys, driven by sophisticated data analytics, are a strategic component of 2024 event planning trends, providing personalized experiences at every turn. 

Dynamic content delivery is evolving rapidly, as recent trends show a shift towards real-time adaptation of event programming based on attendee feedback.  

Enhanced matchmaking via data analytics also stands out, enabling attendees to foster meaningful event connections through targeted networking opportunities. 

Blending Work and Family Travel 

Another trend emerging in the realm of 2024 event planning trends is the blend of work-related travel with family leisure time, often referred to as ‘bleisure‘ travel. Event attendees are increasingly interested in venues and programs that can accommodate families, allowing them to extend their stay before or after the event for personal time.  

This trend also shapes the choice of destinations, favoring locales that offer family-friendly activities and attractions. Events now incorporate this aspect into their programming, providing options for childcare services, curated family excursions, and unique accommodations for attendees traveling with loved ones. This holistic approach acknowledges the evolving needs of professionals. It offers a balanced experience catering to their career and personal life. 

Philanthropic Event Programming 

A defining element of 2024 event planning trends is the increasing emphasis on philanthropic programming. Attendees seek more than just networking opportunities and keynotes; they want to contribute to a more profound cause and leave a lasting impact. Incorporating service projects or charity components into events can deeply enrich the experience.  

For example, organizing community outreach initiatives or partnering with local non-profits can allow attendees to engage in meaningful work that resonates with the event’s theme and the organization’s values. By facilitating these opportunities, event planners can create a compelling narrative that an event is not just an occasion but a contribution to the greater good. 

Embracing Current Trends for Event Success 

Staying ahead of event trends is crucial for creating memorable experiences that resonate with attendees and set the standard in our industry,” –Rebecca Smith, CMP  

In wrapping up, these event planning trends are guiding lights for industry professionals seeking to innovate and impress. By staying abreast of these developments, event planners can ensure their events resonate with attendees and set a standard for years to come. 

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