Case Study

Activation Design

Executive Summary

Etherio hosted a creative collaboration lab to develop and implement attendee activations that create WOW moments, enhance social media impact, and reflect the client’s core values, all within budget constraints.


At their annual conference, the client aimed to integrate joyful experiences that resonate with their audience while fostering community among industry professionals and customer user groups. This included opportunities for strategic partners to sponsor engaging activations.


  • Evaluating past activations to integrate expected elements while introducing new, surprising features.
  • Managing the logistical challenge of relocating the event and sourcing vendors capable of supporting innovative activations.
  • Providing budget-conscious options for various engagement opportunities to align with client expectations.


  • Host a Collaboration Lab: Facilitate brainstorming sessions with strategic partners and the client team.
  • Design Attendee Journey Exercises: Ensure tailored experiences for different attendee types from pre-event to post-event.
  • Create Design Mood Boards: Visualize brainstormed ideas and discuss three-level options for each activation.
  • Develop Top Ideas: Establish timelines, assignments, and budgets for activations, including contingency plans.

Key Features of Etherio’s Approach

Etherio leveraged internal expertise and external creative sources to enrich their Creative Kickoff:

  • Facilitation: Ensured all partners and vendors aligned with the client’s motto and theme.
  • Pilot and Pivot: Allowed for adjustments throughout the planning process to maintain alignment with attendee journey goals and budget constraints.
  • Attendee Flow: Strategically placed activations within the venue and agenda to maximize engagement and energy.


  • Increased Engagement: Implemented nine activations at the 2024 event, up from one the previous year.
  • Engagement Analytics: Utilized surveys and engagement tracking to measure impact and inform future planning.
  • Successful Launch: Positive survey results demonstrated that activations fostered joy, engagement, and networking, aligning with the event’s theme.


Etherio’s strategic approach from kickoff through execution maintained focus on the client’s motto and theme across all event aspects, ensuring a cohesive and impactful experience. Flexibility in budget management preserved high-quality attendee experiences, exemplified by the adoption of four puppies during the event.

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