Case Study


Enhancing Community Engagement: Transformative Growth through Marketing Strategy

Client: Biologic Coordinators of Dermatology (BCoD)


Membership surge


Social media reach expand

Biologic Coordinators of Dermatology (BCoD) is the first and only association to serve biologic coordinators exclusively. BCoD empowers its members to navigate the complex healthcare journey through education and advocacy.

Brief Description: BCoD tapped Etherio in 2022 to revamp the organization’s marketing and community engagement strategies. The main goal was to enhance BCoD’s online presence through a website update, consistent branding, and well-planned social media campaigns.

Objective: BCoD set ambitious goals to build a solid visual brand to position the organization for growth and stronger partnerships within its community of partners, volunteers, and members. They also wanted to explore new methods to encourage engagement year-round – not just during their annual conference.

Solution: Etherio implemented a comprehensive strategy that included modern website design to enhance engagement, unified visual branding to increase recognition across different platforms, webinars, and polls to encourage engagement and gain insights, targeted campaigns to attract new members, social media management to boost follower growth, and partnership materials to foster industry connections.

Membership surged by 150%
Social media reach expanded by 242%
Webinars and polls fostered vibrant engagement
Sales materials forged valuable industry connections

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