Case Study


GACCP’s Turnaround Story: From Financial Trouble to Event Success

Client: Georgia Association of Community Care Providers (GACCP)


Increase in non-dues revenue


Increase in conference attendance throughout 2022

The Georgia Association of Community Care Providers (GACCP) represents Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) Providers serving elderly and disabled Georgians.  

Objective: When the Georgia Association of Community Care Providers (GACCP) partnered with Etherio, they had three primary challenges keeping them from functioning effectively and providing the best value for their members. First, the board needed clarification on the organization’s financial standing since they were not receiving a monthly report. Second, members weren’t receiving annual renewal notices, and since the website needed maintenance, membership benefits were open to the public – negating any incentive for members to renew.

Finally, their events needed improvement as a source of non-dues revenue for GACCP. In fact, the organization lost money on events in 2021.

Solution: Our team knew that GACCP needed to be financially sound and transparent to retain and attract members. We began providing monthly financial reports to the board, allowing them to make educated decisions on how to use the budget and prevent overspending. We implemented a new website and association management system that fit into the budget, allowing them to provide members-only benefits that incentivized membership renewals. Finally, our team helped GACCP host four events in 2022, securing improved contracts and venues that resulted in significant savings for the client.

215% increase in non-dues revenue
63% increase in conference attendance throughout 2022
$35,000 increase in event revenue
Over $36,000 increase in membership dues revenue
Board could move focus from administrative tasks to strategic planning

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