Case Study

Hollister Incorporated

Site Selection Shift: From Flooded to First-Class

Client: Hollister Incorporated


In cancellation fees waived


Rooms secured within 24 hours

Hollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products and services worldwide.

Overview: The stage was set for Hollister’s prestigious 2022 President’s Club event, slated to take place in New Zealand in 2023. The event was highly anticipated by attendees, as the 2020 President’s Club in New Zealand had been cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled again, and finally relocated to Hawaii due to New Zealand’s COVID-19 travel restrictions. As the restrictions eased, New Zealand became available for travel again, and our team booked the 2022 Presidents Club at a high-end hotel in Auckland, NZ. However, plans went astray when the hotel closed for renovation due to flooding only one week before attendees were set to arrive. The group was relocated to a lesser-quality property, leaving them dissatisfied and in need of a top-tier alternative venue.

Solution: Our Site Selection team sprang into action, leveraging our industry connections to rebook the event at a high-end property in Auckland in just a few days. Within 24 hours of receiving news about the hotel closure, Etherio confirmed availability at the Park Hyatt Auckland and subsequently secured a new contract with the hotel 48 hours later — all while working across multiple time zones.

Over $135,000 worth of cancellation fees waived
No money lost on last-minute switches
140+ rooms secured within 24 hours at a new property

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